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EUF European Und. Fed.

European Underwater Federation
Validity Code:  A1C5C86B-E86
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No. 392080

This is to certify that the

UTRtek UK Ltd
Piazza IV Novembre, 4
20124 Milan - Italy

Operational sites:
a) Via Achille Grandi, 64 - 50066 - Reggello – Loc. San Donato in Fronzano (FI) Italia;
b) Dalton House 60, Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR - United Kingdom

has been assessed and found to be in compliance with the standard
ISO 29990:2010

applicable to

Service provision of training for achieving the qualifications for diving and
relevant services in compliance with the standards:

  • ISO 11107 Enriched Air Nitrox - UTRtek Nitrox Diver
  • ISO 11121 Introductory Scuba Experience - UTRtek Passport Scuba Diver
  • ISO 24801-1 Supervised Diver - UTRtek Open Water Scuba Diver
  • ISO 24801-2 Autonomus Diver - UTRtek Advanced Scuba Diver
  • ISO 24801-3 Dive Leader - UTRtek Divemaster and Scuba Guide
  • ISO 24802-1 Scuba Instructor Level 1 - UTRtek Open Scuba Instructor
  • ISO 24802-2 Scuba Instructor Level 2 - UTRtek Advanced Rec Instructor
  • ISO 24803 Requirements for recreational Scuba Diving Service providers

The certificate has been issued under No. 392080 for the registration period from 8th October 2015 to 7th October 2018.

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