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UTRtek UK Ltd

UTRtek gives you an education system extremely valuable and varied, from recreational diving to expeditions the most difficult.
No matter what your certification or where you obtained it. Our courses will guide you to the next level of diving, both in open water, diving in deep caves or wrecks.

Your course UTRtek will also provide valid friends and dive buddies. First, our "community" on the website, will help you to meet other like-minded divers around the world, exchanging stories, photos and video, and sharing your passion for the underwater world.

Differents levels

Our instructors are true leaders, enthusiastic and precise teaching of their students. We drive every diver to become a "thinking diver," capable of great self-awareness, group, environment and equipment that will be able to increase your potential in diving.

Aims of UTRtek UK Ltd
1. To establish and develop the teaching rules for the underwater scuba techniques.
2. To promote the use of synthetic breathing mixes
3. To promote and diffuse new developments and result regarding scientific researches, medical researches and technologies, concerning all the underwater activities.
4. To evolve the ethical and professional lines of the scuba instructors

5. To organize public manifestations about underwater environments themes
6. To coordinate the entrainment and safety programs with the other didactics organizations
7. To apply an efficient quality control
8. To represent a positive point of reference for the underwater didactics

Underwater Technical Research was born in January 2001, as an Underwater Association, and it was transformed in Capital Company, named UTRtek UK Ltd, in the 2010.
Placement of UTRtek Limited in UK permits to perform a commercial activity using a more suitable instrument (society) for the own business project; this opportunity is legitimated, inside the UE, by the fundamental principles of Community law.
UTRtek UK Ltd is an English society, so it enjoys the administrative and bureaucratic benefits, over than the flexibility and the convenient, of the “governance” typical of the Anglo-Saxon Capital Companies, even if it performs his principal activities in Italy and in other countries of the UE.
UTRtek UK Ltd (English law society), as the Communitarian directivities establish, can operate in Italy through a stable organization (Filiale/Sede Legale Italiana, P.za 4 Novembre 20124 MILANO), if it respects all the formalities of the inscription (Iscr. Registro Imprese MI 1977009, Partita Iva IT 07710920963) declaring, to the Italian IRS, the entire income produced in Italy.
Besides, “Limited by shares” societies, have the possibility to work in all the Communitarian states through local branches, in other words, by the creation of stable organizations in each different state; from this the birth of European UTRtek Agencies.
The Commercial UTRtekLtd Logo, as all the other logos used by UTRtek, is registered to Copyright House of London.
UTRtek UK Ltd, an Agency of Underwater Certification, with unique characteristics in the world, nowadays can certifies different entrain grades, marked by three brands:

1) Training level - UTR Underwater training Research: brand created and registered in February 2001
2) Technical Correctly level - Underwater technical research: brand created and registered in December 2008
3) UTRtek-DIR – Underwater technical research level: brand created and registered in 2013.

In the 2013, Massimo Barnini, the UTRtek president, regrouped all his brands to unified them in a single Didactic agency, unchanging the original identification of his instructors and certifications.
UTRtek UK Ltd was born from the need to create an underwater agency that, thinking to the future, performs since the first dives the Correctly Diving System philosophy.
Recreational and Technical UTRtek Instructors absolutely believe in a diving system presenting as final aim the Situational Awareness: this brought to the necessity of performing REC, Technical and Cave courses, following, just and only, technics and procedures coming out from the Correctly Diving system, DIR system experiences and DIR equipment.
UTRtek Ltd promotes dives with Nitrox and Trimix Mixes as well as the use of open circuits and Rebreathers, to enjoy Recreational, Technical and Cave dives.
Thanks to the advanced techniques, addicted to an accurate entrainment program, characterized by logical sequence of its themes, in few years this didactic became a point of reference for all the lovers of deep and extreme dives.
The entry into the sector defined as “Recreational”, signed the birth of the first Italian underwater didactic presenting specific programs for all the main underwater activities, and for all the training levels.

• Recreational diving
• Technical diving
• Cave diving
• Rebreather pSCR & ECCR Diving

UTRtek Uk Ltd anticipated a lot of the world didactics; moreover it has the knowledge and consequently the capacity of providing the most evolved and modern entrainment programs.
However, knowledge is not enough to form optimal divers, it needs to be supported by high level programs. Professional underwater instructors, with over a decade of work experience, highly thought in the divers’ communities, constitute the Technical Committee.
They form and oversee the entire didactic programs starting from the schedules, continuing with exercises, practical and theoretical exams, ending in writing manuals, interactive and multimedia didactic supports. UTRtek means Underwater Technical research of underwater entrainment. The word Technical implies researching aim and teaching techniques development, intended to divers’ formation.
Research entails challenges and awareness. It’s possible to “reach” the perfection just passing through a continuous changing process, with the awareness that perfection is an utopia.
UTRtek knows that nowadays competitive items could be obsolete in the early future; this implies no-stop research need. When beginner students meets the scuba world for the first time, are not able to recognise the differences between several methods and didactics. As you do, they are just desire to learn how to dive and longing for discover the amazing underwater world.
Obviously, they can’t know which are the differences between the didactics’ background.
After few time, each student will became capable to evaluate by himself this differences and he/she will be proud to possess an UTRtek / Underwater Technical Research scuba-certification.

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