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UTRtek Logos

UTRtek UK Ltd, international agency of underwater certifications, uses the following brands and it certifies, through his own instructors, different levels of entrainment characterized by three different educational programs: REC, TEK Correctly and DIR.

Logo of the Didactic Agency UTRtek UK Ltd
Commercial one. All the UTRtek – Technically Correctly diving Instructors can use this logo. It identifies the Technical area of the Didactic, the Cave, the Rebreather and the Correctly branch.

Logo UTR – Training trail. All the instructors can use this logo. It identifies the Recreational didactic area; it allows the use of the Standard configuration, even if the UTR instructors will make aware the student on the use of an Hogarthian one.

Logo UTRtek technical Correctly Only the UTRtek instructors, who made the Technical Correctly Instructor course, or a higher grade, can use it. It identifies the entire Technical didactic area, so just the Technical Correctly Instructors can certify REC programs with this logo.

Logo Technical Correctly & Trained to DIR procedures. Certifications that present this logo identify instructors and divers that completed the “Trained to DIR Procedures” course. Entrainments and final valuations for UTRtek DIR – Doing it Right could be made just by an Instructor that possess this logo.

Logo UTRtek DIR – Doing It Right Certifications that present this logo identify Instructors and divers with positive evaluation on UTRtek DIR course. The Technical Committee, with the participation of the Technical Correctly & T.D.P instructor that entrained the candidate, operates all the valuations. The UTRtek DIR Director (Leonardo Zillo Monte Zillo) chairs it.

W.S.E – World Submarine Exploration
Only for instructors that obtained the “Professional Trimix” Certification, and just after the request to be included in a team. The different teams are divided in:
Team W.S.E. in C.A.    Team W.S.E. in ECCR     Team W.S.E. in pSCR

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