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UTRtek UK Ltd is the acronyms of Underwater Technical Research - Tek Diving
UTRtek’s acronyms shows its aims: the first one is to develop the research in relationship to underwater entrainment. It results from the concrete necessity, own of most of the instructors, to recognize themselves inside an organization that strongly believes in meritocracy.

This is not easy to find because the selection, naturally operated by meritocracy, could represent an impediment for a massive diffusion, however this philosophy conduce in a certain way to the higher levels of quality. UTRtek is completely awareness that the correct mediation between meritocracy and technical students’ formation still represent an important unsolved didactic enigma.

More than this, UTRtek well knows that the underwater practical and psychological abilities, strongly influenced by the underwater environment, represent the essential starting point to conduce safe dives; the Psycho-attitudinal valuation pays attention to all these variables.
UTRtek will not release certification without accurate ethic and technical valuations. The teaching system is thought to permit the subjects’ calibration in each course: programs are characterized by an accurate dosage of contents, a logical themes progression, definite level of repetitive; find the right proportion of these element represent the highest and the most difficult aim for a didactic organigrams. Instructors and hyperbaric doctor with proven experience compose the theoretical Staff; moreover UTRtek founding members present experiences as safety

Underwater Technical Research International Agency was designed for divers seeking quality dive instruction. Its courses combine rigorous in-water training with comprehensive academic instruction, to produce divers who are skilled, competent and safe. UTRtek brings together a wide array of professional Instructors and Trainers, ranging from expertise in training, exploration sciences and to expertise in Education. UTRtek maintains that a good education is vital for the safe enjoyment of recreational and technical diving, and must include both a strong academic component and a rigorous practical one.

UTRtek instructors are encouraged to exceed minimum training standards when these safely contribute to a participant's learning process.

UTRtek is committed to a standardized equipment configuration, a correctly approach to equipment configuration that sees each element of a system as an integral part of the whole: Technical Correctly System.
UTRtek's equipment configuration is based on the technical Correctly philosophy of diving that promotes diver safety and enjoyment through a reasoned approach to teamwork, equipment choices and diver training. UTRtek's equipment configuration is conceived to be functional with minor adaptations in any environment.

About UTRtek
Underwater Technical Research emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of technical education and research in all things aquatic. In line with the original vision of its founding members, UTRtek is committed to:

•  Developing safe, skilled, and knowledgeable divers.
•  Undertaking and promoting underwater research.
•  Safeguarding the integrity of the underwater world.
•  Providing the public with a comprehensive resource on all things aquatic.

Are you an Instructor Trainer?
Are you interested in opening an UTRtek National Agency in your contry acting as a Manager Director?

You could have the possibility of opening a Commercial Didactic Agency of your own
and release UTRtek Diving Cards to your Instructors directly from your National Agency.

Customer service, Technical and general questions:   info@utrtek.com
UTRtek UK LtD - First Registered Office: Registered in England and Wales - Certificate of incorporation Private Limited Company n° 07835029
47 Churchfield Road - W3 6AY - LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM

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