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Active Status Expired-Card Instructor

Renewed UTRtek Cards - Expire 31.12.2018 or before ..... Payment is due for higher level Card only
The price includes Eur 20,00 for taxes and charges of Secretariat
Being an UTRtek UK Ltd Instructor
Instructors’ descriptions, usually made by the belonging didactic, overflow ethic and professional qualities, through a massive use of superlatives, resulting in loss of credibility. Underwater Technical Research well-knows the origins and the several shades of this aspect, moreover it knows its final effects. For this reason, this description is meant to define the instructor’s profile without using superlatives.
An UTRtek instructor is not just an instructor, it is something more. This is the essence of UTRtek. A common Instructor just teaches a subject. An UTRtek instructor teaches being conscious that the continue science and technology evolution needs constant attention and updating.
Confidence derives from knowledge, from updates and changes, from the admission and the correction of mistakes, but especially it appears clear through the example. An UTRtek instructor knows that his underwater example is the main instrument to fix and validate his own teaching. This philosophy couldn’t be clear following a rigid Standard system, that exclude the flexibility of the method and preach unchanging doctrines. Respect the Standard is just one of the several important roles of the instructors.
UTRtek instructor is conscious that he/she could improve every lesson, dive and behaviour through a continuous progressive process; moreover, he/she perceives the necessity of improve himself. This is the explication of the term “Research”.
The main characteristic of an UTRtek instructor is a constructive self-critic sense; he/she knows that his students had entrusted him their underwater education and their physical and psychological safety. UTRtek instructor is an example of technical abilities and problems prevention; he/she shows respect for the underwater surrounding environments and for all the other divers, colleague included. These characteristics could be find also outside UTRtek, but Underwater Technical research made them subjects of study and research.
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